Current Project: Social Media for Education

The SML is interested in helping people use social media and online technologies more effectively. We’ve partnered with the ACT for Youth Center of Excellence and the Program for Research on Youth Development and Engagement (PRYDE) to create educational materials for young people and youth-serving professionals.

We assisted in the development of an ACT for Youth Center of Excellence online course on positive youth development and technology. This course is aimed at educators, advocates, and youth-serving professionals who are looking to better understand how young people can benefit from online technology. You can find more information here. The course is free to all, but registration is required.

Another education project aims to fill a big gap in social media literacy education for young people. That is, while kids might learn about smart social media behavior in school, they don’t get a chance to practice their skills in on a safe website. We’ve built a new tool- essentially a social media simulation — that lets kids work on their skills while ensuring that any mistakes they make won’t come back to haunt them online or off. We’re working with PRYDE to deploy these activities to youth ages 10-13 across New York State, with the assistance of NYS 4-H programs. You can read more about this project in the Cornell Chronicle and on the PRYDE blog.