Current Project: Truman Platform

The SML scholars have engaged in efforts to promote cutting-edge research methods for studying social media.

In the summer of 2018, we organized a workshop (together with Jeff Hancock and Shyam Sundar) on methodologies bridging the lab and the field. As part of the research method development, we have created a new platform for experimental research. As a complete social media simulation, it creates a custom social media site where every user, post, like, reply, notification, and interaction can be created, curated and controlled by the research team. This social media simulation platform provides a controlled social media experience for participants. Led by former SML post-doc Dominic Difranzo, the SML hosted a workshop to help other researchers understand how to utilize this freely available, open source platform. The workshop discussed accessing Truman, as well as creating your own studies on the platform. Truman is freely available on a public GitHub repository

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