Current Project: Prosocial Behaviors in the Digital Age

The capacity of digital technologies to facilitate both anti-social and prosocial behaviors has become a pressing challenge with significant science and policy implications.

How do we stem the tide of negative interactions while actively promoting positive interaction? Understanding effective mechanisms for encouraging pro-social behavior in digital spheres requires disciplinary breadth and depth. Co-led by the SML director Natalie Bazarova and Communication Professor Drew Margolin, this project sponsored by the Cornell Institute for Social Sciences advances Cornell’s leadership in this area. The proposed set of studies links scholars, including SML faculty Janis Whitlock, with expertise across an array of topics, disciplines and methodologies. It will permit integration of existing work among scholars while simultaneously creating opportunities for new and innovative collaboration across campus. This collaborative team’s expertise in knowledge transfer facilitates the integration of new research insights into practice and policy on and off campus.

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