SML Reunion at CSCW 2019!

March 2020: The Social Media Lab TestDrive team has launched three new modules on topics including media balance, targeted advertisements, and phishing! These modules are live on the TestDrive website now. You can also find more information about what’s new in the TestDrive curriculum, as well as how to make social media a positive experience for young users, in our Psychology Today blog post.

March 2020: SML Lab Director Natalie Bazarova has written a blog post for Psychology Today on “Staying Connected Via Social Media in the Age of COVID-19.” You can find the blog post here.

March 2020: Congratulations to the The Social Media TestDrive team led by the SML Director Natalie Bazarova for being awarded a $300,000 NSF-Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) for their research proposal, “Addressing Social Media-Related Cybersecurity and Privacy Risks with Experiential Learning Interventions.” The project will address privacy and cybersecurity risks at scale through the use of the Social Media TestDrive platform.

January 2020: The year has gotten off to an exciting start! The SML has had two papers accepted to ICA 2020! Taylor, S. H., & Bazarova, N. N. (2020). Always Available, Always Attached: A Relational Perspective on The Effects of Mobile Phones and Social Media on Subjective Well-Being. To be presented at the 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference, Gold Cost, Australia. As well as Masur, P., DiFranzo, D., and Bazarova, N. N. (2020). Behavioral contagion in social media: Effects of social norms, design interventions, and critical media literacy on self-disclosure. To be presented at the 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference, Gold Cost, Australia. Congratulations to Philipp, Dominic, and Natalie for winning the Top Paper Award for the Communication and Technology Division of ICA!

December 2019: Congratulations! Our paper has been accepted to CHI 2020! Kruzan, K., Whitlock, J., Bazarova, N. N., Miller, K., Chapman, J., & Won, A. S. (2020). Supporting self-injury recovery: The potential for virtual reality intervention. Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors and Computing Systems. ACM

November 2019: Recent SML graduate Sam Taylor presented “Accountability and empathy by design: Encouraging bystander intervention to cyberbullying on social media” at CSCW in Austin on the 11th! Graduate student Shruti Sannon, along with Brett Stoll, Dominic DiFranzo, Malte Jung, and SML Lab Director Natalie Bazarova had “Extending communication privacy management theory to interactions with conversational agents” accepted to Group 2020!

October 2019:  The SML has had papers accepted at both CSCW and NCA this year! Post-Doc Yoon Choi and graduate student Mandy Purington gave a keynote talk at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Association of Jefferson County, which was attended by over 100 local educators! They spoke about social media and well-being, as well as the Social Media TestDrive.

August 2019: The SML is excited to announce the nationwide launch of Social Media TestDrive! TestDrive is an interactive social media educational platform developed in collaboration with Common Sense Education. You can find more information about Social Media TestDrive here.

July 2019:  The SML has some exciting updates! Graduate student Sam Taylor has accepted an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Post-Doc Dominic DiFranzo has accepted an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Lehigh University! Congratulations to you both! The SML will miss you!

Students using and providing feedback for Social Media TestDrive

June 2019: June has been an exciting month in the SML! Two of our doctoral candidates–Sam Taylor and Kaylee Kruzan–have successfully defended their dissertations! Congratulations Dr. Kaylee Kruzan and Dr. Samuel HardmanTaylor!

March 2019: The SML is celebrating Shruti Sannon passing her A-exam and becoming a doctoral candidate! We are also celebrating our Director, Dr. Natalie Bazarova, being this year’s recipient of the Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award! Congratulations to both!

December 2018: The SML is looking forward to CHI 2019 with three paper acceptances! Two from grad student Shruti Sannon and one from Post-Doc Dominic DiFranzo. Well done, everyone!

November 2018: Grad student Sam Taylor was a keynote speaker in the National Communication Association Annual Convention Preconference, where he presented “Innovative Methods for Researching Cyberbullying.” Also, grad student Shruti Sannon and Post-Doc Dominic DiFranzo presented their research at CSCW ’18 in New York City!

September 2018: Grad student Sam Taylor had a paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Communication! You can find more information about publications here.

Fall 2018: The Social Media Lab has been busy! Over the past six months the SML faculty and grad students have presented research at several conferences, including CHI 2018, Technology, Mind, and Society, ICA, and ICWSM. We’re working with an amazing team of undergraduate research assistants to continue in all of our projects. For updates on what we’re working on, click here.

September 2018: We have a few new faces in our lab this fall! We are excited to welcome visiting scholar Philipp Masur from the University of Hohenheim, as well as our newest graduate student Aparajita Bhandari!

December 2017: Social Media TestDrive was featured in the Cornell Chronicle

November 2017: Our Social Media for Education project, TestDrive, was featured on the PRYDE Blog.

Fall 2017: We submitted three papers to CHI 2018, two to the new Technology, Mind, & Society conference, and more to ICA. We’re working with a fabulous group of research assistants to make it all happen. You can read more about our fall projects here.

Early Spring 2017: We welcomed postdoctoral associate Dominic Difranzo. We also had a paper accepted to CHI 2017 and a poster presentation accepted at ICWSM 2017.

January 2017: SML faculty and grad students will be presenting five (!) papers at the International Communication Association conference in San Diego, CA this May.

October 2016: SML Director Dr. Natalie Bazarova received the 2016 Rising Star Faculty Award from the CALS Alumni Association!  Congrats, Natalie!

Fall 2016: Grad students Sam Taylor and Franccesca Kazerooni are participating in the National Communication Association Pre-Conference on Bullying, where they will discuss their project on cyberbullying.  Yoon Choi will present her work on mental health and self-disclosure on Facebook at the NCA conference as well.

Summer 2016: A lot has changed after a year in our new space!  Grad student Pamara Chang has defended her dissertation and is starting as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Cincinnati this fall.  Yoon Choi has accepted a position as a lecturer at Ithaca College.

September 2015: We’re happily settled in to our new lab space!  We have a great team of undergraduate research assistants helping with this semester’s projects, which are going strong so far.  We’re also excited to announce that Natalie Bazarova has received a new Hatch grant to study parenting in the digital age, and how parenting practices can be changed to keep kids and teens safe online.

August 2015: Our new space on the 4th floor of Mann is (mostly) all set up and ready to welcome both new and returning lab members!  We’re sad that our friends Jeff Hancock, Megan French, and Dave Markowitz won’t be around to join us – they’ve moved on to Stanford University. We wish them the best!

Moving update: We’re moving into our new space on the 4th floor of Mann Library in the second week of August.  Check out the Comm Department’s Move to Mann Blog for more updates and pictures!  The new space will feature whiteboard walls and a glass-enclosed conference area, as well as the comfortable workspace we’re used to.

July 2015: July has been a big month for outreach activities!  Yoon Choi and Sam Taylor gave presentations on families’ and teens’ use of online media to local groups of outreach educators.  Yoon also co-presented an extended webinar on the digital lives of teens to a group of educators and youth-serving professionals. Well done, everyone!

June 2015: We’re happy to have a great group of undergraduate research assistants this summer!  We’ll be making progress on a number of different research studies with their help, not to mention having frequent Dairy Bar trips.

May 2015: It’s a big month for the SML! First, several students and faculty will be travelling to Puerto Rico to present their work at this year’s ICA conference.  We’re also excited to announce that three of our graduate students have received department awards this semester. Sam Taylor received a CALS Outstanding Teaching Assistant award, Dave Markowitz received a Glass Family Fellowship, and Pamara Chang received the Anson E. Rowe (advanced) Award.  Congrats, everyone!

February 2015: Prof. Natalie Bazarova was selected as a 2016 Cornell Institute for Social Science Faculty Fellow!  We’d also like to extend a warm welcome to our new cohort of research assistants for Spring 2015. It’s going to be a great semester!

January 2015: We’re excited to announce that several student and faculty papers were accepted to this year’s International Communication Association conference in Puerto Rico!

November 2014: SML faculty and students presented several research projects at the National Communication Association conference in Chicago this November.  Topics included communication on pro-Anorexia websites, privacy management strategies on Facebook and Twitter, and the intersection of media richness and expectancy violations theory.  Way to go, everyone!

Grant News: We’re happy to announce three new grants that will be funding new and exciting research this semester and beyond: a NSF CHS Medium grant for online disclosure and well-being, a Weill Cornell Medical Center pilot study grant for pain and social support, and a Cornell Institute for Social Sciences grant for college students’ use of Facebook.

More news coming soon!